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05 / 06 / 15
up close image of a mosquito biting skin

Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Backyard

Residents of Ocala run the risk of encountering pesky mosquitoes when they spend time in their backyard and especially after rain. They seem to come in endless swarms, buzzing in your ear and attacking your exposed skin.

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04 / 28 / 15

Mosquitoes In Gainesville

The Florida humidity, and extensive marshlands and swamps, makes the Sunshine State a veritable Garden of Eden for mosquitoes. For most Gainesville residents, mosquitoes are just a part of life. Screening keeps mosquitoes off the porch, netting keeps them out of cookout areas, and copious amounts of repellent reduces bites when outside in nature. But there are a few things you should know about mosquitoes the next time you take a look at all those red welts on your arms and legs.

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10 / 07 / 14
mosquito at rest

Confirmed Case Of West Nile Virus In Alachua County

Avoiding mosquito bites is not only essential for your comfort but also your health. There are 170 different kinds of mosquitoes that carry many different diseases.

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07 / 19 / 14
rainy day in florida

More Rain Equals More Pest Problems

The more it rains the more pests you will see in and around your home. Gainesville, FL has been having higher rainfall amount than normal this summer. This is causing a large number of pest related problems for this area. Mosquitoes are a common problematic outdoor pest that is heightened by more rainfall. Ants are also a common indoor pest that is increased by more rainfall. With an increase in pest activity you will also get an increase in disease outbreaks in the area. 

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