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07 / 21 / 16
mosquito reduction service being applied

Does Mosquito Remediation Help?

It can feel like the battle against mosquitoes is a futile effort, but it isn't. Mosquito reduction services do make a difference; which is why government agencies call upon pest control companies all across the country to do remediation to control mosquito populations and prevent the spread of viral outbreaks. They take these measures on advice given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which employs some of the world's smartest scientists to protect us from biological threats that we can't see. If the CDC says remediation is the best solution, you can take that to the bank. Let's take a closer look.

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11 / 18 / 15
mosquito on water

Do Florida Mosquitoes Take A Break For The Holidays?

We all know that mosquitoes can carry some pretty nasty viruses. The threat of dengue fever and chikungunya has even prompted state health authorities to set up advanced warning stations to track these viruses.

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08 / 10 / 15
enlarged image of mosquito

Mosquitoes Love The Sunshine State Too!

Every year millions of tourists flock to the Sunshine state to enjoy the warm sunny days, cool refreshing beaches, and endless delicious dining experiences that can be found here. Almost as many consider themselves part-time residents or ‘snowbirds’ as they come to spend several months here in order to escape the brutality of winter in the north. Many more love to call the Sunshine state home year round. No matter who you are, or your reason for being here there is one thing that we all can agree upon – Mosquitoes love the Sunshine state too!

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05 / 22 / 15
Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Savannah Mosquito And Pest Control In One Bundle

There is one thing that Savannah, Georgia residents will agree on and that is the fact that mosquitoes are frustrating pests. However, they may not all be in agreement as to how dangerous mosquitoes can be. A heavy infestation of mosquitoes can be bad news to homeowners throughout the greater Savannah area.

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