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12 / 22 / 15
mice in a wall

How Do You Know If You Have An Actual Mouse Infestation?

If you are seeing strange little pellets in the backs of your silverware drawers, or noticing an odd smell in your home, you may have cause for concern. This article will focus on the signs of a mouse infestation and what you can do about it.

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12 / 04 / 15
mouse in a florida kitchen

Most Florida Pests Don't Take A Break For The Holidays

Pests in Florida are a problem all year long. They never stop making babies and they never stop encroaching. In fact, you would be startled to know how quickly some pests can breed.

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10 / 22 / 15
mouse found in the wall

The Story Of Mice And Susan

Susan is your average run-of-the-mill ‘Joan Schmo’. Every day unfolds about the same way: Wake up, brush teeth, stop for some coffee on the way to work, do familiar tasks all day long with a short break for lunch, return home, make dinner for family, do housework, watch one television show and lay in bed listening to thumping in the walls. Actually, that last part is something new. And as you can imagine, it is driving Susan crazy. Fortunately, she remembers that her friend Lucy, across the street, called McCall Service when she had mice living in her walls. It went something like, a friendly guy showed up, did a thorough inspection, got rid of the rodents, and sealed her walls, and not only that, he comes back every so often and make sure her home stays mouse-free. How cool is that? So, Susan does a quick search for McCall Service on the internet, and in no time, her mouse problem is gone, and her life is back to normal. Really normal. But that's okay. That's just how Susan likes it.


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