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08 / 19 / 15
Young girl looking at an insect

Help With Back To School From Pest World

A good education is one of the most important things you can give a child. Educating them about insects is important too. Finding a good educational website to help teach kids about insects can be hard. Look no further, Pest World is here to help you out. is your one stop, ad free, education resource for everything about bugs, arachnids and little critters.

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05 / 30 / 15
Bed Bug

Bed Bugs In Savannah

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in cities and towns across the United States, and Savannah Georgia is no exception. These bugs are clever, persistent, and increasingly more efficient at spreading, due to world travel and a lack of public awareness.


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03 / 24 / 15
Image of an Ant

DIY Ant Control In Jacksonville

Have you ever injured yourself? What was the first thing you did? You treated the wound the best way you knew how. Right? Most wounds we suffer in life can be dealt with using hot water, some anti-bacterial cream, and a Band-Aid. But every once in a while something really bad happens. What do you do then? Well, your first reaction is still the same. You treat the wound the best way you know how. You clean it and try to stop the bleeding. But it's going to require something more--something only a trained professional can handle, especially if there is damage inside your body where you can't see it. If more people approached pest control with this methodology, there would be fewer homes with terminal pest issues.

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03 / 21 / 15
Image of a Bed Bug

Bed Bugs And Your Business

It is strange how something can be accepted in one context and completely unacceptable in another, for instance: it is okay to wear a bikini at the beach, but if you wear that same bikini through the mall, it is much less acceptable. Or how vacationers can deal with a few bugs if they're staying in a tent in the woods, but when you put a few bugs on them in a 5-star hotel, they come unglued. Go figure. Well, if you have been curious to learn more about how people might react when they find bed bugs while staying the night abroad, you've come to the right place. Here are some insights based on reviews left on social networks.

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