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07 / 04 / 15
State of Georgia

Pest Control Advice From An American Idol

Are you wondering how you can keep pests out of your Georgia home? American Idol runner up, Clark Beckham, who wowed audiences all last year with his soulful Southern style, just may have the advice you need.

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05 / 27 / 15

Bug Zappers Attract Mosquitoes In Tallahassee

You're probably thinking, "That's the point. Isn't it?" You want your bug zapper to lure those mosquitoes in so you can zap them to Kingdom come. That's why you made the investment and hung them up around your Tallahassee house. Right? It may shock you to realize how wrong you were.

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10 / 15 / 13
Florida Year Round Pest Control

Tips For Snowbirds To Prevent Pests

Are you planning to head back to Florida anytime soon? The temps in the north have really dropped, so many folks are soon heading to their winter homes in the great sunshine state. Before you plan the trip south, consider the pest control services from McCall Service to ensure your Florida home is pest free before your arrival.


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03 / 22 / 11
Don't Let Termite Damage Happen In Your Florida Home

Protect Your Walls with McCall's

As one of the most economically devastating insects in Florida, subterranean termites are masters at going undetected until severe damage has been done to the structural integrity of your home or office as well as the contents within.

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