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09 / 03 / 15
spreading fertilizer

Fall Lawn Care Tips For Tampa Residents

Do you live in the Tampa area? If you do, you know how hard it can be to maintain a beautiful lawn here on the Gulf side of the Sunshine State. If you're not dealing with drought, you're dealing with oversaturation. If you're not dealing with bugs, you're dealing with an improper PH level. And proper lawn care in fall can have the most dramatic effect. This is when your lawn begins to transition from summer growth to winter growth, and when it needs proper fall fertilization, core aeration, and overseeding for cool-season grasses. Fall is when it is essential to establish healthy roots that will sustain your grass through the winter. If it doesn't get what it needs, it won't thrive when summer comes.

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05 / 29 / 14
well watered lawn in tampa bay

Tips For Watering Your Tampa Lawn This Summer

Summer in Florida is HOT. We probably don’t have to tell you that! What can you do to make sure that your lawn stays lush and green this summer, despite the soaring temps? Here are some helpful lawn watering tips from the Tampa lawn care professionals at McCall Service.

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02 / 11 / 13
Picking Weeds In FL Grass

Don't Forget: FL Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Process

While much of the northeast is experiencing freezing temperatures, wind chills, and even piles of snow, those of us in Florida are enjoying much more mild temperatures! But even when it feels a little chilly out there during our Florida version of a winter, it is important to keep in mind that lawn care is a year round process. We don’t have the snowfall and severe ice coverage to get in the way of lawn care which means that outdoor property maintenance awaits us no matter what the season!

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09 / 30 / 11
Coming Soon

Are Lawn Pests And Diseases Threatening Your Florida Lawn?

A healthy lawn not only enhances your curb appeal, it can add value to your home and property. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is not only time-consuming, it can be challenging.  Lawn diseases, fertilization issues and pests are variables that threaten Florida lawns and often leave property owners frustrated. 

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