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01 / 10 / 17
silverfish up close on plant in florida home

Do Silverfish Bite?

The mandibles (jaws) of a silverfish are not strong enough to allow these insects to bite humans. Even if they could bite us, silverfish are not inclined to do so.

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01 / 06 / 15
Earwigs and Silverfish

Silverfish And Earwigs Danger And Prevention

Do you know the difference between an earwig and a silverfish? You should, because silverfish in your home can wreak havoc on stored pictures, important documents, and even money. This paper- and fabric-chewing insect can be a real pain. Here is a quick contrast between these two pests, and a quick checklist to keep them out.

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08 / 21 / 14
sliverfish found in a florida home

Are Those Silverfish Or Earwigs In My Home?

Any type of pest showing up in your home can be unpleasant. Trying to correctly identify the pest and threat it causes can be even harder. Silverfish and earwigs are a prime example of commonly misidentified pests. They are both attracted to moist areas in your home and have similar body shapes. However, these two insects are very different and should be handled differently.

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07 / 08 / 14
silverfish found in a florida home

Why Silverfish Are Attracted To Your Home

What in the world was that little, silver bug that you just saw wiggling across the floor? It could of been a silverfish! Silverfish can be a range of shades based on how old they are. They have a strange movement that looks like the shimmering back and forth of fish. Appropriately named silverfish, these pests start out a whitish color and then eventually become a silvery color.

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