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10 / 18 / 16
bed bug up close

Bed Bugs Are Anywhere and Everywhere

We’ve all heard horror stories of bed bug infestations at hotels that lead to people unknowingly bringing bed bugs home in their luggage or on their clothing. Bed bugs are so tiny (smaller than a single grain of rice!) that they can easily catch a ride with you and you won’t even know they are there until you discover them living in your home on the couch or your beds. While media coverage and public knowledge has helped us take preventative measures when staying in hotels to reduce bed bug infestations – people need to be aware that bed bugs can be absolutely anywhere… and everywhere.

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12 / 01 / 14
bed bug found while on vacation in tampa

How To Protect Your Tampa Home From Bed Bugs

It's the MOST wonderful TIME of the yeeeeeaaaar… for Tampa bed bug exterminators. They'll be bed bugs a crawlin' and children a bawlin' when red welts appear! It's the MOST wonderful TIME of the yeeeeeaaaar.

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11 / 14 / 14
jacksonville family traveling for thanksgiving

Holiday Travel Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Jacksonville

The holiday travel season is quickly approaching and whether you are traveling to visit family, going on vacation, coming home from college, or just are busy out and about taking care of holiday errands, it is important to remember that bed bugs in Jacksonville and across the country are active and looking for new families to spend the holidays with.

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10 / 10 / 14
bed bug on skin

Do You Have Bed Bugs? 4 Odd Places They Live

So have you detected bud bugs in your house? Have you taken measures to handle the problem yourself?

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