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01 / 22 / 16
shopping mall in florida

Pest Control For Your Florida Business Too

Do you have McCall Service for your home? Are you familiar with our amazingly affordable home pest service that targets over 30 household pests and is administered in quarterly visits by that friendly McCall Service technician? Are you confident that your home is protected from ants, fleas, roaches, scorpions, wasps, and a host of other invasive pests? Well, we'd like you to know that you can get that same friendly and effective pest service for your business too.

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11 / 23 / 15
earwig crawling on a rock

Earwigs Inside Your Space

Earwigs!  No it is not a hairy fashion accessory that mid-century elites wore on their ears; or a fashionable new design in earrings.  Earwigs are those tiny reddish/brown creepy nocturnal insects that run really, really fast whenever you disturb their hiding places.  They love moisture and moderate temperatures.

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11 / 04 / 15
cockroach on a cracker box

Does Your Florida Home Have Roaches?

Just because you never see roaches in your Florida home doesn't necessarily mean that you do not have these disgusting insects living inside your walls. Cockroaches can live inside homes, unnoticed, for years, causing all kinds of problems from asthma to a whole host of illnesses and diseases. They come out at night, when it is dark to eat whatever crumbs have been left behind in the kitchen; but long before you roll out of bed, those filthy little critters are back all squished and piled together inside your wall voids.


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11 / 07 / 13
Your Pets And Bed Bugs

FAQs About Bed Bugs And My Pets

At McCall, we get lots and lots of questions about bed bugs. People seem to be really intrigued by these pests! But one question we received recently got us thinking- we’ve hardly ever touched on bed bugs in relation to our pets! To most people, their pets are like family, so understanding the impact bed bugs may have on our cats and dogs is very important.

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