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08 / 16 / 16

Can Earwigs Fly?

Surely you've heard the well known saying, "When pigs fly!" which means, basically: "THAT will NEVER happen!" But have you ever heard the somewhat lesser-known saying, "When earwigs fly!" Probably not. BUT, if you were to say, "When earwigs fly!" it would be every bit as effective as the pig flying expression because you see, earwigs can't fly any more than pigs can--perhaps even less. But that doesn't stop some people from believing everything they hear about earwigs. The whole flying thing is only one of the misconceptions about this tiny, garden-destroying insect.

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03 / 25 / 16
earwig crawling on floor

Earwigs: What Are They And What Do They Look Like?

What comes to mind when you hear the word, earwigs? If you are like most people who are familiar with these creepy little bugs, you probably think of the word, "Ewww!" Yup, they are gross and scary looking, but are all the myths about earwigs really true? Are they really the monsters that pinch and bite and burrow into people's brains to lay eggs? Well, if you're curious at all about these insects, perhaps you will find the following facts helpful.

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01 / 18 / 16
earwig climbing on flower

Earwigs, Or Ear Wigs?

Earwigs. You've probably heard the term before. But do you know what they are? To just look at the name, one might think this is some sort of weird kind of ear covering. Sort of like earmuffs, only made out of hair! Can you picture it? Tiny little wigs that people wear on their ears? Maybe some could be blonde and curly, while others long, shiny and black? Anyway, we digress. They aren't ear coverings at all.


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01 / 08 / 16
earwig looking to enter home

Do Earwigs Bite?

Earwigs tend to be a misunderstood insect. It doesn't help that movies paint them as monsters that bite us and burrow into our brains--a theme they no doubt drew from medieval medical and science journals. But the truth is earwigs don't eat our brains. They dine on plants. So, if you've been worried that the earwigs in or around your home might bite you, you can rest easy, but not too easily. They may not be creatures of horror, but the truth is, they can hurt you.

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