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09 / 30 / 16
carpenter ant up close on wood

Jacksonville Carpenter Ants And Your Home

For some things in life, it really doesn't matter if you can tell the difference between the types. For instance, who cares if you can tell the difference between a potato that comes from Idaho and one that comes from Maine? It's a potato. Both are yummy and won't kill you. But what about things that really DO matter. If you are out in the woods collecting mushrooms for dinner, it is highly important that you can tell the difference between a mushroom that is "good eatin'" and one that will send you to an early grave. Yes, for some things, knowing the difference between harmful, and not-so-harmful can make all the difference in the world. Well, knowing the difference between nuisance ants, and ants that will damage your Jacksonville home could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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04 / 27 / 16
carpenter ant up close

Little Carpenter Ants Becoming A Big Problem In Florida

Protect your Florida or Georgia home from carpenter ants today.

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03 / 12 / 15
Image of an Ant

Understanding Ants

Having a baby changes your whole world. Suddenly, there is a little person living in your house who is entirely dependent upon you. Without your permission, your entire perspective on life has been flung into a spin. It is no longer all about you; your focus is now on that tiny little creature that needs your help every second of every day. If you were to head out to get some food to feed your baby, would you go to a store with bare shelves? Of course not. You'd find the best supermarket, with a section devoted entirely to foods your baby can eat. Understanding this is the key to understanding ants.

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07 / 23 / 14
carpenter ant control

What's The Big Deal About Carpenter Ants?

Ants in your home are one thing. Finding them in the sugar bowl is a frustration and chasing them through the pantry can drive you nuts. But what if they are not only eating your food, but they are living inside your walls as well? Sounds like a Goldilocks and the Three Bears story gone very wrong, but unfortunately when it comes to Carpenter ants, this is a very possible scenario. Carpenter ants get their name from their ability to burrow into the wood in your home. Once inside the wood, they work hard to create galleries in the wood for their large colonies to live in.

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