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11 / 25 / 15
mccall tech responding to service call

Call McCall, We Do It All!

Do you consider yourself a ‘thrifty’ person?  I don’t mean cheap; like the kind of cheap where you have tons of money to spare, but squeeze two pennies together and never spend a cent unless the world will fall apart if you don’t, cheap.  But ‘thrifty’!  You know, THRIFTY!  Here is a little test to determine if you are indeed thrifty.

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05 / 26 / 15
image of a german cockroach

Repulsive Roaches

Do you love living in Florida but could do without the roaches? We don’t blame you, they’re disgusting creatures that destroy products, stain furniture, contaminate food and dishes and are a threat to health. Unfortunately cockroaches can be found anywhere from homes and apartment complexes to schools and hospitals to offices and warehouses. In fact, cockroaches will show up anyplace where food can be found.

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05 / 22 / 15
Mosquito Biting

Bugs That Bite In Jacksonville

Pests come in all forms, shapes and varieties. Some pests like cockroaches and rodents are gross and spread disease while termites and carpenter ants are destructive and compromise the integrity and strength of the structure. Still others like various ants and millipedes are just simply a nuisance and aggravation to the homeowner. Then there are those pests who bite humans. Some of the biting bugs are fleas, bed bugs, ticks and mosquitoes and can be found throughout Jacksonville.

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04 / 21 / 15
Jacksonville, FL

Affordable Pest Control In Jacksonville, FL

Let's face it, Jacksonville is a great place to live--and bugs think so too. Florida is home to the most robust assortment of pests in the entire United States, and those pests stay active 365 days a year. So having a pest control plan isn't just a good idea, it is a necessity.

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