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08 / 30 / 16
lawn damaged by disease

Lawn Diseases That Affect Tallahassee, Florida Properties

Caring for lawns in Tallahassee is tricky business for a novice. Our beautiful, lush, green blades come under fire with threats from oversaturation, drought, and pest damages – all of which can contribute to stress which increases the risk of disease. It is a wonder that you can maintain these beautiful blades of grass at all.

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09 / 04 / 14
brown patch fungus

Brown Patch Fungus: How To Get Rid Of It

The first step to getting rid of any lawn disease is to identify and understand what is happening to your lawn. Brown patch fungus can be very damaging to your lawn. It begins with small patches of lawn turning straw colored, brown or reddish brown. These patches start out about 1 foot in diameter. These patches can continue to spread and kill the grass leaves. This lawn disease does not affect the root of grass, making it possible to return the grass to its original green color. This disease is basically rotting the grass starting at its base.

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09 / 30 / 11
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Are Lawn Pests And Diseases Threatening Your Florida Lawn?

A healthy lawn not only enhances your curb appeal, it can add value to your home and property. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is not only time-consuming, it can be challenging.  Lawn diseases, fertilization issues and pests are variables that threaten Florida lawns and often leave property owners frustrated. 

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