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07 / 20 / 17
bed bug up close on hotel carpet

Uncommon Places To Find Bed Bugs

Most people are plugged into the news and now know about the dangers of bed bugs. We know that they can be found in hotels, homes, and other places where we sleep; but did you know that they can be found in other places that we do not sleep? More often than not, people are checking public areas for bed bugs while they are traveling and on vacation; however, are you checking in all of their hiding spots?

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06 / 03 / 16
mccall pest technician inspecting for bed bugs

What Are My Treatment Options For Bed Bugs?

If you have found bed bugs in your home, the first question you're going to ask is, "What options do I have to get rid of bed bugs?" We get it. Bed bugs have a psychological impact when they are found; but don't worry.

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05 / 19 / 16
bed bug on skin

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are everywhere; and Savannah, Georgia, is no exception. If these bugs are turning up in your home there are probably two questions on your mind. Let's take a look at them and see if we can find some answers.

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04 / 18 / 16
bed bug crawling on bed

Bed Bugs In Tampa. All You Need To Know.

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere, Even Tampa, Learn More Here.

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