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08 / 15 / 19

Do I Need to Call Pest Control for Ants?

An ant invasion can sneak up on you from out of nowhere. DIY treatments only take care of the symptoms, not the colony.

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03 / 21 / 17
carpenter ant on damaged wood

Ant Season Is Fast Approaching

When you think of spring and the warmer weather, you think of picnics, outdoor fun, and pushing jackets to the back of the closet. You get out more and enjoy the spoils of the sun. What you don’t think about are the ants. But you should. Ant season is fast approaching. Are you ready?

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04 / 22 / 15
Red Ant

Are You Seeing Red Ants In Your Backyard?

If you have red ants around your Florida home, there is a good chance they're red imported fire ants, or Solenopsis Invicta Buren. Since their arrival in the 1930s at the port of Mobile, Alabama, these ants have spread aggressively across the southern states and found good pasture in the Sunshine State. But your friendly fire ant experts at McCall Service have some advice on how to keep these little biters from making your life miserable.

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03 / 24 / 15
Image of an Ant

DIY Ant Control In Jacksonville

Have you ever injured yourself? What was the first thing you did? You treated the wound the best way you knew how. Right? Most wounds we suffer in life can be dealt with using hot water, some anti-bacterial cream, and a Band-Aid. But every once in a while something really bad happens. What do you do then? Well, your first reaction is still the same. You treat the wound the best way you know how. You clean it and try to stop the bleeding. But it's going to require something more--something only a trained professional can handle, especially if there is damage inside your body where you can't see it. If more people approached pest control with this methodology, there would be fewer homes with terminal pest issues.

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