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06 / 30 / 20

Buzzing Bees: Good. Harassing Hornets: Bad.

Bees are an important component of agriculture. Wasps and hornets? Not so much. Learn what to do about a wasp problem.

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06 / 15 / 20

When Should I Water My Lawn?

Whether you’re doing it by hand or using irrigation and sprinklers, watering your lawn correctly is vital for keeping it healthy all summer long.

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05 / 28 / 20

Battling Bed Bugs? Beware!

Learn why DIY bed bug treatments aren’t exactly effective and why a true pest control expert is necessary to help keep you from scratching yourself silly. 

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05 / 11 / 20

Keep Fido Flea-Freeā€”For Your Sake!

Keeping your pets free of fleas isn’t just something you do for their health, but to keep your family from itching as well.

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04 / 27 / 20

Mosquito Prevention Tips for Spring and Summer

Mosquitoes are a spring and summer nuisance that isn’t just painful. Learn how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry with these tips from McCall Service.

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