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Your Guide To A Pest Free Memorial Day

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Memorial Day should be a time for remembering those that served our country and for honoring veterans. A lot of families choose to do this by watching parades, spending the weekend with family members and friends and enjoying BBQs and parties in their own backyards. Unfortunately, these parties can often be crashed by some obnoxious pests. These pests can include mosquitoes, stinging insects and ants. What can you do to prevent invading insects during your Memorial Day celebrations? Here are some helpful pest prevention tips from the Gainesville pest control pros at McCall Service.

  1. Check to make sure that nothing on your property is attracting pests. Food left out for pets and full garbage cans can attract all kinds of problem pests to your property.

  2. Install screens in windows and doors. If you already have them, make sure they are free from rips so that insects cannot get indoors.

  3. Don’t attract insects to your picnic or BBQ if you can avoid it. Keep food indoors until you are ready to serve it and keep it under wraps while outdoors. Take care of trash and leftovers immediately so as to not attract insects.

  4. Install yellow lights in outdoor lighting fixtures. If your BBQ tends to last into the evening hours, white lights will attract insects, whereas yellow lights attract far fewer insects to your home.

  5. Keep your home clean. This can help deter ants that may be foraging for food inside your home. Clean up crumbs and spills around appliances in your kitchen and throughout your pantry.

  6. Fill in any holes in the ground on your property. Stinging insects like yellow jackets may use these holes to build their nests while mosquitoes will breed in the standing water that may fill up these holes.

  7. You will want to remove any other sources of standing water on your property to deter mosquitoes from breeding there.

These helpful pest prevention tips will allow you to reduce the populations of pests that can thrive on your property. Unfortunately, sometimes these prevention measures aren’t enough. In Florida, we deal with many different pest problems. As a product of our weather we tend to deal with pests longer than some other states in the US. To prevent pests in our homes and on our properties, we must be vigilant. That’s where McCall Service comes in! With our effective residential pest control services, we can help you eliminate and prevent potentially damaging insect and rodent infestations in your Gainesville home. We’ve been providing exceptional pest control services to the Northern Florida area since 1928. Give us a call today to discuss our home pest control services and to schedule your next preventative treatment service with our experienced professionals.



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