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bed bug found on a bed

You Found Bed Bugs. Now, What Do You Do?

In: Bed Bug Control  |  Savannah GA

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Finding bed bugs in your Savannah home can be terrifying. Not because these bugs are life threatening. There is just something extremely unsettling about knowing that when you go to sleep, bugs will come out of your furniture and feed on you. This drives some people to take drastic measures, like throwing out all the furniture in their house or trying to do a heat treatment on their own. Let's take a look at these and other bad ideas and see if we can find a better solution to this crisis.

Throwing Out Furniture

We can understand wanting to get rid of your furniture. If there are bugs inside, you want them gone. But encasements on mattresses can protect you from any bugs living inside your mattresses and prevent other bed bugs from getting in. A proper heat treatment will also kill bugs deep inside your furniture and mattresses. You don't need to throw those items out. But, we understand. For some, just knowing that bugs--living or dead--are inside a piece of furniture is enough to create ongoing anxiety. If this describes your situation, there is something you can do. You can have each of those items individually checked. At McCall Service, we have bed bug sniffing canines that inspect your furniture items and let you know if any living bed bugs exist inside it, even bed bugs that are still inside their eggs. If you need to know your furniture is free of bugs, we can help.

Doing A Heat Treatment

Heat kills bed bugs. There is no doubt about it. But you can do a heat treatment wrong. These bugs can move fast when the heat is turned on. If you don't heat your home properly, those bugs can escape into your walls to haunt you another day. Worse still, there are countless horror stories of houses being set ablaze because of an improper heat treatment. When you have a professional like McCall Service take care of your heat treatment, you know your house and your sensitive items will be safe.

Spraying Everything

There are things worse than bed bugs. This is one of them. Those bugs aren't going to make you sick, but the pesticides used to kill them can when used improperly. When you have a professional take care of bed bugs, you know that the right products will be used and all governmental safety regulations will be strictly followed.

It is disturbing to find bed bugs in your house, we get it. But, before you take matters into your own hands, contact us to explain your options that will solve the crisis safely and effectively. There are worse things than bed bugs. We can help prevent those things from happening


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