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Winter Pest Threats

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In Florida, we don't have to worry too much about overwintering pests like those Northerners or Midwesterners do. In the Midwest, homeowners have the displeasure of trying to keep a host of insects from overwintering in their homes each winter. These bugs include boxelder bugs, multicolored Asian lady bugs, cluster flies, leaf-footed pine seed bugs, and the brown marmorated stink bug. What happens is, these bugs seek shelter from the cold by squeezing through gaps and cracks into attic spaces or wall voids. Then when the heat is turned on those spaces begin to warm up, and the bugs, assuming that winter is over, start to emerge indoors into living rooms, kitchens, and other areas plaguing the humans of the house.

Just because we Floridians don't have to worry too much about overwintering pests because it is so mild here, doesn't mean we don't have to take precautions to keep bugs out in winter. We may not have the extreme cold, but in Northern Florida (or Georgia) it does get cold enough, at times, to drive bugs to look for a warmer places to live. And we do have more rain which drives pests indoors as well. As the water table rises, pests are driven out of the ground - pests such as ants, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, and rodents. The list goes on. However, there are some things homeowners can do to try to keep those pests out.

Tips on keeping your house bug-free:

  • Thoroughly inspect your basement walls and seal all gaps and cracks using a caulking gun. Bugs can squeeze through the tiniest holes or gaps.

  • Inspect all exterior walls and caulk any rotted holes. It might not look perfect, but it will do the trick until you can have them fixed properly.

  • Look closely for holes or cracks and seal around all pipes, wires, outlets, window frames, and air conditioning units.

  • Inspect all screens and door sweeps, repairing or replacing as necessary. Even the tiniest hole will let the bugs in. Your local hardware store should carry screen repair materials.

  • Keep your yard clutter free. Bugs love to hide inside clutter. Don't give them a place to hide.

When it comes to sealing pests out of your Florida home, the best option is to get professional help. At McCall Service, our team is educated, certified, and experienced in creating a barrier that keeps bugs out. If you are not completely satisfied, or if you have any concerns with our service, we will return to fix the specific issue at no extra charge. We also offer value bundles. Check the services you wish to receive and see how much you can save by bundling services together. Get your home protected from bugs with a call to McCall.

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