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Winter Lawn Care Tip: Overseeding

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How can you help your lawn to survive the colder winter months? During the winter months, Florida lawns tend to take a turn for the worse. They grow slower, loose color and even turn brown. The solution to this winter grass dilemma is “overseeding” your lawn. Taking time to do the fall months before the temperature drops will help you to ensure your lawn stays healthy all winter. This will also help with the transition into spring with a nice green lawn.

What is overseeding?

Overseeding your lawn is the best way to keep your lawn growing healthy throughout the winter. To overseed your lawn simply means that you are adding a temporary grass seed to your regular lawn to keep it looking green and strong. This temporary grass will be there just for the winter and usually dies out by the spring when your regular grass should be coming back in nicely. The temporary grass will have to be planted again every fall.

How does it work?

The best time to overseed your lawn in Florida is between mid-November and early December. You must rake and clear your lawn of any debris before overseeding. Then use a mechanical seeder and walk your lawn back and forth like you were mowing it. After the seed is spread, rake your lawn again to make sure that the seed gets to the soil. Make sure to water your lawn once or twice daily after the seed is set. This temporary grass will grow up strong during the winter months to help compensate for the lack of regular grass.

What are the benefits to your lawn?

The benefits to overseeding are easy to see. Your lawn will stay healthy and full all winter long. You can start to enjoy looking out at your lawn again during the winter months. It will help keep you regular lawn strong, watered, mowed and fertilized. This will make your regular lawn stronger and fuller when it grows in again during the spring warming months.

Does this seem like a lengthy and overwhelming process to you? Do not fear because there is a team of professionals waiting to help you get your lawn back on track. Give your local lawn care professionals a call today and check lawn care off your fall to-do list.

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