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Wildlife Seeking Food, Shelter & Water In Gainesville

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One of the things that draw people to Gainesville is the fact that we enjoy pretty moderate temperatures throughout the year. Sure, it will sometimes drop to freezing a day or two each year; but, generally, we can enjoy mild to warm temperatures year round. We do, however, have a fluctuation in temperatures from summer to fall and fall to winter that are just enough to encourage woodland creatures to want to find a stable source of shelter. If your Gainesville home suits their fancy, creatures such as armadillos, bats, gophers, moles, possums, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, snakes, and birds may choose your home as their resting place.

Wild animals are not stupid. They will take advantage of any easy access to food, water, and shelter from the elements. They would much prefer to stay snuggled in your nice, safe, temperature controlled environment than to wander around searching for a meal out ‘on the streets’ where predators are always searching for them. If they can find food and water in your nice, safe home, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will, they will surely prefer to stay in your home.

Plus, it is not just cooler temperatures that will drive wildlife into your home. Extreme and sudden changes in environmental conditions like the sudden deluge of rain when tropical systems pass over will also draw these creatures in. Prolonged periods of drought and periods of hot, humid weather are reasons for wildlife to encroach on your property as well.

The trouble with wildlife is that they are, well, wild. They will damage your home and belongings, dig up your yard, and introduce pathogens that can infect you and your family with some pretty serious illnesses. Woodland creatures are also frequently carriers of some nasty parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mites that can infect you as well. These creatures can also be tremendously unpredictable. When they are cornered or feel threatened in any way, their response is usually drastic and the chances of bodily injury from bites and scratches are extremely high.

The best way to handle a close encounter with unwanted wildlife here in Gainesville is to contact the wildlife professionals here at McCall Service. Our experts have the training, technologies, and protective gear to handle the woodland creatures that invade your home or your property safely and efficiently.

We offer several safe and humane techniques to resolve your wildlife issues including:

  • Humane trapping

  • Animal relocation services

  • Exclusion methods

  • Damage control

  • Wildlife removal services

  • Wildlife control services

When woodland creatures and other wildlife encroach and threaten your Gainesville home, be sure to reach out to the professionals that thousands of your friends and neighbors have trusted for more than 85 years with their wildlife issues. At McCall Service – we really do ‘do it all’.

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