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Why Your Lawn Needs Weed Control

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It is hard to cultivate the lush, green lawn when every few feet a prickly. Little nameless plant ruins what is otherwise a perfect specimen. Weeds can quickly take over your yard and gardens by being uniquely adaptable to spread quickly and grow very fast, becoming the bane of gardeners and lawn lovers everywhere. People all over the country are fighting a seemingly endless battle for control on their own property.

A plant is often called a weed when it can be characterized by having little or no value as either a medicinal or as food or as a plant that grows where it is not wanted. Weeds also are known to grow and spread rapidly, thanks to their over abundance of seeds that can be found all through the soil that can lie dormant for a long period of time until one day it just pops up.

You might ask yourself what's the big deal? Weeds might seem harmless, and some of them are but it is important to know that they are in direct competition with the plants and crops that you want to grow. They steal the very food, sunlight and water that crops and garden flowers need to survive. Weeds can choke the life out of your lawn and garden creating brown patches, attracting insects that eat healthy crops that we grow for our own consumption. They can also cause diseases to farmers fields and potentially introduce substances to the soil that are toxic to crop plants, humans and animals.

So, what can we do? These devastating plants do need to be dealt with to protect over 485 million acres of crop fields across the United States. There is no way to eradicate them completely of course, but billions are spent each year trying to hold weeds back. There are a few effective ways that you can help out your home gardens. Using mulch is an effective way of keeping those pesky weed seeds from sprouting that are always waiting in the top soil. It deprives them of sunlight while at the same time keeping moisture in the soil for the plants that you already have growing. Pruning weeds that you face annually before their seeds fall off and blow all over your yard can prevent further weed infestation for years to come. Want worry free weed control? Call a professional company in to help control and monitor your yard for a beautiful yard for years to come.

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