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Why You Don't Want Mosquitoes Infesting Your Property

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There are many types of bugs that pester and annoy people all summer long. Some are just simply a nuisance while others can cause more significant problems. Mosquitoes are one of these problem pests. Mosquitoes are a small insect with long, slender legs and a narrow head. Mosquitoes have a stinger-like mouth part that the females of the species use for biting and feeding on the blood of their victims.

So, why are mosquitoes such pests? What are the threats of mosquitoes to you? How about the dangers they pose to your family and pets? The experts at McCall Service want to help you understand the hazards of mosquitoes and why they should be controlled on your property this summer season.

Mosquitos are capable of transmitting a large variety of diseases to you and your family. Diseases that they can transmit include: the West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. Pets can even be infected with canine heartworm from mosquitoes. Canine heartworm is very serious and can lead to the death of your pet if not properly treated for.

Along with spreading diseases, mosquitoes are just plain annoying. Mosquitoes can congregate in large numbers on your property. They constantly are buzzing around in an attempt to bite you or your family. There is no doubt about it; mosquitoes can quickly ruin outdoor fun! A bite from a mosquito can be painful and cause redness, little welts and itching.

Whether you are spending time outside either in your own neighborhood or are traveling to lakes, hiking trails and other outdoor vacation spots this summer, there are things that you can do to help protect yourself from mosquitoes. McCall Service has put together a list of mosquito prevention tips:


  • When spending time outdoors, where mosquitoes are a problem, dress appropriately. Wear long pants, long sleeves, and shoes with socks. Wearing a hat will also help keep bites to a minimum.

  • Wear lighter colors when spending time outdoors. Dark colors will attract mosquitoes to you.

  • Plan your outdoor time wisely. Mosquitoes are at their peek at dawn and dusk. Those times of day are when you are most likely going to suffer from multiple mosquito bites.

  • Use a bug repellant spray. There are even very effective natural alternatives if you are wary of chemical repellants.


If you find yourself spending more time swatting at mosquitoes this summer than actually enjoying your time outdoors, contact the experts at McCall Service. Our mosquito remediation service will work to help reduce the mosquito populations on your property and allow you and your family to enjoy the summer outside once again! For more information on how to get rid of mosquitoes or any other nuisance pest, call our pros today!

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