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Bed Bug Infestation

Why Treating For Bed Bugs Is A Must

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If you discover bed bugs, the last thing you want to do is ignore the problem. Okay. Some of you are thinking, "who on Earth would ignore having bed bugs!" You would be surprised.

At first, it seems like a small problem. You find a couple bites here and there, and no one else in your family seems to be getting them. It is hardly an issue to call an exterminator. Right? So, you put it off, and decide to get a cover for your mattress and box spring, and clean your blankets and sheets in the washer. With life moving non stop, there's no time to really deal with the problem--and besides--what's a couple bug bites?

A few days pass, and you're still being bitten. And, you're still the only one. Your spouse doesn't seem to have any bites at all! You decide the mattress and box spring covers aren't working, so you ship the mattress and box spring off to the dump, and have a new set delivered. The next morning, you quickly realize the problem has NOT gone away. In fact, it has gotten worse. You're getting bites in patches. Your arms, legs, and neck look like a bumpy rash. So you quarantine the room. No one is allowed in or out. And, you start searching the internet for do-it-yourself guides on bed bugs. Before you have time to even formulate a plan, your kids start getting bites, even though they have not gone into the quarantined room. What is going on?

If you discover bed bugs, call a professional immediately. Bed bugs will not stay in the room they were found in, and they do not limit themselve to hiding in your mattress. You carry them with you in your clothes, and in your hair. Not just through your own home, but to other homes you visit. That is why bed bug infestations are so hard to stamp out.

The other sobering reality is that bed bugs reproduce like crazy. A single female can give birth to 5000 bed bugs in a six month period. And, an average bed bug can develop fully in as little as one month. That means more females, and more babies. One female, carried in your suitcase from a hotel room, can infest your home in as little as three month, under the right conditions. If you suspect you have bed bugs, don't put off taking action. Get immediate professional advice.

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