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Why Termite Inspections In Tallahassee Are Important

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Termites are known as the silent destroyer. They can go unnoticed for years before you realize that you have a termite problem and by then it can be too late. Theses pests are capable of causing serious structural damage to the wood in your home. How can you tell if you have a termite problem? A termite inspection in Tallahassee from the termite control specialists at McCall Service can alert you to a termite problem and any termite damage your home may have.

So, what are signs of termites and their damage?

Termites don’t leave behind a lot of obvious signs, especially when they first start infesting your home. Over time, termite damage can become obvious in wood that appears to sag or look weather damaged and with painted wood surfaces that appear to blister. Unfortunately, these are signs that show that termite damage has become extensive, so there isn’t much you can do besides fix the damaged areas and evict any termites that are present. Early on in a termite infestation, the signs are much less obvious. They may include mud tubes along the foundation or even shed termite wings if there has been a recent mating swarm. Termites tend to keep their wood entry-holes pretty well patched up with mud, so you may not even notice any sawdust where they have gone into the wood.

Why must a professional be called to identify termite damage?

Since termite damage can go unnoticed for so long by the untrained eye, it is necessary to have a professional termite inspection in Tallahassee done by an experienced pest control technician. These professionals have a lot of experience with termites and the damages they leave behind so they can quickly and easily detect termite problems.

Can termites be eliminated without the help of a professional?

Termites do not have a do-it-yourself solution. These pests require professional Tallahassee termite control to completely eliminate the problem. Not only must a termite problem be exterminated, but it is then necessary to keep an eye on future termite activity. This can be done with a termite baiting system that is closely monitored by a termite control professional.

If you have been wondering about possible termite damage in your home, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at McCall Service in Tallahassee. Our pros know how to identify a termite problem, even in the early stages. Our pros also know how to get rid of termites and can successfully do that with the help of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. This eco-friendly system uses special bait that will eliminate termites and keep them from returning. Contact us today to learn more about our residential termite control solutions and to schedule your termite inspection with one of our experienced professionals!


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