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spider in a spider web in florida

Why Spiders Are Inside + How To Keep Them Out

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Do you have creepy crawly spiders creeping and crawling in every creepy corner of your house? Does your shower feel like a Stephen King movie? Where did all these spiders come from? And, why are they coming inside?

Spiders are drawn to shade and food sources. If your home provides these, they will be happy to come on in. The thing to remember most about spiders is that they eat bugs. If you create conditions in your house for bugs to thrive, spiders will thrive as well.

Living with spiders in your house can be unpleasant--and not just for the creep factor; spiders bite. Of course, most spiders are not dangerous, but it is still unpleasant to wake up with an unsightly bump on your ankle, or worse, on your face. Every time you look at that bump on your cheek you'll be reminded that a spider was crawling on that spot. Yuck!

There are a couple spiders you don't want to have biting you on the cheek at night, but thankfully, they don't generally get near people. The dreaded black widow, and the infamous brown recluse, tend to keep their distance. Bites sustained from these spiders are usually the fault of the victim bringing their body in contact with these spiders, like: slipping on shoes, slipping in between the sheets, and sliding on a shirt. So, if you have these two species of spider living around your home, be diligent to shake your shoes, and check before you slide into bed, or get dressed.

Keeping those spiders out comes in two parts. First, don't give them a reason to come in.

  • Keep your trash sealed so flies don't lay their eggs in decaying food products. House flies are a tasty morsel to a spider.

  • Spiders also like fruit flies. Keep all fruit in the refrigerator till you're ready to eat it. There may already be fruit fly eggs on your bananas or peaches, from the grocery store. Don't leave them on the table to get warm and hatch.

  • If you already have a fruit fly zipping around your kitchen, don't give it a place to lay its eggs. Clean or rinse off your dishes, as you go.

  • Keep your carpets and surfaces clean. Flying insects love bacteria laden environments.

Now that you have removed those easy food sources, seal up your home to further deter those spiders.

  • Make sure all your door and window screens are working.

  • Check to make sure your door sweeps and weather stripping are secure.

  • Fill any cracks or gaps around outlets, pipes, and air conditioning units, with caulking.

  • Screen over vents.

Following these common-sense practices, and having a professional spray your perimeter will keep those spiders out. The battle against spiders is almost year round. Stay diligent, and remember, you don't have to live with spiders. You can keep them from coming in. Call anytime for help or advice. We would be happy to work with you to keep your home pest free.

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