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Why Partner With A Lawn Care Pro?

In: Lawn Care

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Everyone has a skill set. Some we're born with, and others we acquire along the way. Do you have specialized education in something? Do you have 2, 4, 6, or more years of college under your belt? Have you gone to a trade school or an art institute? If so, you know what it means to be trained in a profession. We're willing to bet that the vast majority of you have not gone to school to be a horticulturist. And that is the focus of our article.

If you have been trained to rip apart an electrical panel and do a complete rewire, you probably can't imagine a lay person taking care of that task in their own home. It takes a significant level of training to be a certified electrician and those electrical boxes are a scary mess if you don't know what you're looking at. An untrained homeowner can really get hurt attempting to tackle a project like that.

While you're not likely to get hurt if you don't take care of your lawn properly (unless you happen to disturb a yellow jackets nest in the ground) it can still be painful when things don't go right, especially if you live in our service area of Northern Florida. All kinds of problems can creep in and cost you time, money, and a little bit of hair (if you're prone to tearing it out when you're frustrated.) Turf can turn brown, get frayed, and die off. Weeds can sprout up and make your lawn look like a mess. Ornamentals can wilt and get spotted holes from disease and insects. Fire ant colonies can invade every square inch. It is enough to drive anyone crazy, especially if you've put a lot of work into it.

The lawn care pros here at McCall Service are educated, experienced, and professional. They know what mixture of fertilizer is needed, what weed products to use and how to apply them safely, what your lawn needs during times of drought, what your lawn needs during times of oversaturation, which products have the best chance of stopping turf disease, how to deal with frost, and how to stop insects from destroying your lawn and biting you. You don't need to know what sod and irrigation services are. All you have to do is enjoy your lawn. And, of course, mow and water it every now and then.

It pays to partner with someone who has a specialized education in lawn care. Give it a shot in 2016 and see how much nicer life is when you're not pulling out your hair, give us a call today and save that hair.

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