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seeding grass in florida

Why Overseeding Can Be Beneficial To Your Jacksonville Lawn

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As the weather turns colder in Florida, it is time to start thinking about how to best preserve your lawn through the winter. Wintertime for Florida lawns means slower growth and less color. Sometimes grass even turns brown, but take heart. There is a solution for brown, dead-looking turf. It is called "overseeding." When you take the time to overseed before the weather gets too cold, you will ensure that your lawn stays healthy through the winter, and more importantly, green.

Now you may ask, "How do I overseed my lawn?" Well, we are glad you asked. To overseed simply means that you are adding temporary grass seed to your regular lawn. This will keep it strong and green. This temporary grass will only be there for the winter; then it typically dies in the spring when the regular grass is growing back. Because of this, this process should be repeated each fall.

The ideal time to overseed your Florida lawn is between mid-November and through December. First, you must clear your lawn, raking it well and removing any debris. Then you will need to use a mechanical seeder, walking it back and forth, covering the whole lawn. After spreading the seed, you will want to rake your lawn again to make sure the seed gets into the soil. Then all you need to do is water your lawn twice a day after the seed is set.

Ensure a gorgeous lawn all year long

It is easy to see the benefits of overseeding as your lawn will stay nice all winter long. Just think how nice it will be to look out and see a green, lush lawn instead of dry, brown grass. Plus, those annual, intermediate grasses are adaptable and tolerant to close and frequent mowing. That means you'll be able to keep your lawn nice and trim--the way you like it.

Overseeding is usually done along with aeration, so that some seeds can fall into the holes created by the aerating process. These holes provide a damp, shady environment for the new seeds to thrive and grow strong. It is also important to know when to do your overseeding. Make sure you wait until daytime temperatures are consistently in the low to mid 70'°F.

If you have any questions about overseeding or think your lawn could benefit from any of the lawn care services we offer, please make sure to call and talk to one of our lawn care professionals today.

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