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Why Do You Need Year-Round Care For Your Gainesville, Florida Lawn?

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Each year you say the same thing. Your lawn is a disaster, and you wish you had time to deal with it. You have thought about hiring a year-round lawn care service but never have done it. Every season you endure the changes in the weather, and the increase in weeds and insects. You really want to have a beautiful lawn that you and your family can enjoy and be proud of without all the dirty work but looking out your living room window, what do you see?

Has that southern sun-scorched your lawn making it brown and bald? Perhaps the soil around your home has a low pH, which will stunt the growth of your grass; or maybe your issue is fungus which has developed making your grass look patchy and ugly. And let’s not forget about the insects that may take over and damage tender blades and roots, or the issues that fleas and ticks can cause. Then there is that never-ending battle to find the right balance of moisture – too much and you have huge mud puddles; too little and you have a desert. Lawn care is difficult, and becoming an expert in all the complexities involved in proper lawn care takes a lot of time. So what are you to do?

Do-it-yourself lawn care is not all it is cracked up to be. Fertilization and weed control can be very costly; sometimes costing more than it would to hire a professional. In the spring you need to take care of those weeds that are emerging, and get that under control. So you will need a product to prevent weeds and another one to get rid of the weeds that have already come up. That is going to take a lot of your hard-earned money and precious time. Next you will need a spreader, costing you even more money; and there is no guarantee that the products you have bought will work, especially on those really tough weeds.

So, you take a chance and purchase everything you need. Now you will need some know-how to apply the products correctly without making too much of a mess. Timing is crucial; and, hopefully, you picked the right time of year to treat your lawn successfully. Again, there is no guarantee any of it will work, but you can take that chance if you’d like to. If the weeds are still there after some time and more weeds are coming up, you will likely need to start over. This will also be the case for an insect infestation. It will basically be the same procedure. Again, there is no guarantee. Then there is frost damage, wear and tear, and fungus to be concerned with.

With so much that can go wrong with a lawn, wouldn’t it be easier to contact a professional lawn care specialist to take care of those needs, all year long? The experts here at McCall Service not only understand fertilization, watering, aeration, and disease management, but they also know how to safely treat pests and wildlife that threaten your Gainesville lawn. You have better things to do with your time and your money. Give the lawn care specialists here at McCall Service a call and let us do your dirty work for you, and you will never be ashamed of your lawn again.

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