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bed bug in georgia

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

In: Bed Bug Control

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If you watch the news, you know that there has been a resurgence of bed bug infestations here in the United States, and Putney Georgia is no exception. These bugs are showing up everywhere. So, it isn't surprising that you're finding bed bugs. It isn't because you're a dirty person. Bed bugs can live in the cleanest environments. They're not drawn to filth. They'll live anywhere they can get a blood meal. Your being plagued by bed bugs because plaguing people is what bed bugs do--and they've been doing it since the dawn of time, so they have lots of practice. If you came here looking for specific ways those bed bugs got into your home, you won't be disappointed.

Ways Bed Bugs Get In

  • You went on a vacation and accidentally brought them home with you. All it takes is one female bed bug or a batch of unattended eggs for an infestation to take root in your home.

  • You took a trip in a taxi cab. Bed bugs don't require humans to be sleeping in order to feed. For this reason, they have been found infesting all forms of public transportation.

  • If your son or daughter came home from college for a visit, they could have brought bed bugs with them. College dormitories are a hard place to control bed bugs. Kids come into dormitories from points all over the world. Some of those points do not have the same level of pest control as we do in the states.

  • If you have young kids, it is possible to get a bed bug infestation after a sleepover. Bed bug infestations don't start out obvious.

  • These pests can live in a home for several months before they become an obvious problem.

  • If you have young kids that stay at a daycare. Not only do daycares bring kids together from many different homes, they often have a place where those kids lay down for a nap. This makes them even more appealing for bed bugs.

  • If you went to the movies, you could have gotten bed bugs while you were enjoying the latest blockbuster and a box of popcorn. Upholstered seats in a dark room where people from all over come to sit for a few hours? Yup. That is a perfect environment for bed bugs.

We could go on and on, but you get the point. It is important to understand that keeping your home clean doesn't protect you from bed bugs, and if you've found bed bugs in your home, it doesn't mean you're a dirty person. These bugs are a problem for everyone. And bed bugs are a problem that is continuing to grow.

If you're finding bed bugs in your Putney home, call McCall. We have convenient and targeted control options to deal with these bugs quickly and, most importantly, completely. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

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