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Why DIY Ant Control Does Not Work

In: Ants

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There are so many homemade, do-it-yourself remedies for killing ants, and for good reason--ants are gross--and sometimes destructive. That's why we mix up magic potions filled with borax, corn meal, baking soda, vinegar, and a host of other bizarre ingredients, to make those ants suffer for ever thinking they could enter our peaceful home without permission. The problem is, we're the ones who keep suffering. Allow me to explain the problem.

Does Borax kill ants? Yup, it sure does. So do a whole host of store bought baits and pesticides. But you can kill ants all day, every day, and not get rid of your problem. Do-it-yourselfers might get a short reprieve--they might even vanquish their perceived ant problem for months--but the ants always return when another tasty morsel is accidentally left on the floor. Do you know why? Because they never left. They're still living in the walls, or they still have a route into the house. And, if you're dealing with carpenter ants, this can be really bad. Carpenter ants burrow galleries through the wood of your house, and can create structural problems, if not taken care of.

If you have ants, don't fall into the do-it-yourself trap. Ants can be destructive, and irritating, in their never ending effort to expand. Don't wait till you have ants everywhere. And, don't wait until your floors have a dip in them, before taking care of this problem properly.

In order to eradicate ants, you need to eradicate the colony the ants are coming from. This requires the help of a professional technician who knows how to locate these colonies, and effectively destroy them. Why a professional? Because ant colonies are hard to locate in the walls of your house, and even if you're able to find them on your own, you may only be dealing with a satellite colony. That means there could be another colony--a source colony--as many as hundreds of feet away from your home. It takes expertise to track ant patterns, and locate the source of your ant infestation.

Using modern IPM methods, McCall Service can help you seal up your home, and keep those ants from coming back in. They will walk you through exclusion options, and teach you common-sense practices that will keep ants from targeting your yard, and your house. Their technicians know how to track down all the colonies that are infesting your yard, and destroy them at their heart, where the queen is. With no queen, a colony dies. With no more colonies, your home is safe from continued infestation. Don't trust your home and your family to store bought pesticides that can hurt your children and your pets. Get professional assistance, and take care of those ants, safely, and for good.

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