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Why Cockroaches In Georgia Like The Holidays

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No one ever wants to have to worry about a pest problem in their home and some pests are even more unwanted. Cockroaches rank right up there on that list. No one wants a cockroach infestation in their home and for good reason. One huge threat cockroaches pose is the health risks they can introduce to you and your family. Cockroaches can contaminate surfaces and food supplies without you even knowing. Before making their way into your home, cockroaches spend their time crawling around in sewers and to put it bluntly, crawling around on dead things. When they walk across your counter tops or dig through your box of cereal, they are leaving behind a trail of all those germs and bacteria which could very well include E Coli and salmonella. Not only do they carry diseases and parasites but their feces and urine can cause asthma symptoms as well, especially in children. And, let's face it, cockroaches are also pretty nasty to look at. You should never trust a bug that can survive being submerged in water for more than a half an hour or can live for an entire week without its head!

Cockroaches sneak into homes through cracks under doors, tiny gaps around pipes as well as through other cracks and crevices of your home that are open to the outside. While they might be happier longer in a messy environment, they really are just looking for a warm place with a steady food supply. This time of year with all the holiday baking going on, that food supply is generally plentiful. There are some things you can do in and around your home to try to make your home a bit less appealing. First, seal up any cracks and crevices these critters might gain access through and also replace any old worn out weather stripping. Next, spend some time deep cleaning your home. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or food out on the counter. Keep any food you can in airtight containers. Make sure you sweep and mop the floor regularly and keep the counter tops wiped down as well. Store your trash in a covered can and be sure to take it out on a regular basis. Outside, try to keep bushes and shrubs trimmed and stack your firewood as far from your home as possible.

So, what happens if you suspect you have them in your home? Well, as we mentioned, it’s nearly impossible to drown then, beheading isn’t an effective solution and did you know they can live without food for an entire month? That’s why the best defense against cockroaches is to hire a professional. You don’t want to waste time with harmful pesticides that may not even take care of the problem, and if you wait for it to go away on its own, it will only get worse. Seeking the help of the pros can save you a lot of time, headache and money in the long run. Plus, you can rest assured that the problem is taken care of and cockroaches are no longer posing a threat to you and the ones you love.

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