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Why Call The Professionals When You Discover Wildlife Has Invaded?

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You notice a cute little squirrel entering and exiting a hole in your eaves. You see a sweet baby raccoon waddling after its mother through your backyard. You notice a gopher disappearing into a hole near your fence. What are you going to do? While there are a number of articles on the internet showing how to do it yourself, when it comes to wildlife removal, it is important to consider all the dangers.

Why having wild animals in or around your home can be dangerous

  • Wild animals, especially if they are cornered or have young nearby, are known to attack. This is especially dangerous if they are carrying the rabies virus. Animals with rabies don't need to be threatened to attack, as they can be completely unpredictable, attacking for no reason at all. Signs of rabies include goop around the animal's eyes, froth around its mouth, paralysis in one or more legs, seemingly drunken stupor, or falling down. Please note: if you are bitten by a wild animal, it is important to be checked for rabies, even if the animal did not show signs of being infected.

  • Wild animals are known to carry all sorts of diseases. They climb through sewer pipes and dumpsters and pick up bacteria. This bacteria can cause all sorts of diseases and illnesses in your family or in your pets.

  • Bats, rats, mice, raccoons, skunks and other animals have the potential of carrying lice, mites, fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites. No one wants to be infested with any of these creatures!

Some prevention tips for your home

  • Remove clutter from your yard where animals can hide.

  • Make sure your garbage cans are either inside or have secure lids attached.

  • Trim back all trees and bushes from your home to discourage animals from gaining access to your roof.

  • Repair or replace all screens and make sure all your door sweeps are in good working condition.

  • Consider using wire mesh or chicken wire to block off areas under your deck, porch, patio, or garage.

  • Always clean up after an outside party or barbeque. Animals are attracted to leftover food. Bird feeders also lure in wildlife. Consider moving these far away from your house.

  • Be aware that lattice work and exterior pipes can be used as ladders by animals trying to access your home.

If you are noticing the signs of wildlife invasion, or seeing the wildlife itself, it is best to not take chances with do-it-yourself removal. The professionals here at McCall Service are thoroughly equipped and trained in wildlife removal. From armadillos to bats, moles to pigeons, squirrels to snakes, you can trust McCall to get 'em all. Reach out to us today for immediate service for your Georgia home.

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