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Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard To Control In Tampa?

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You might be tempted to think that the temperate climate in Tampa would be a draw for bed bugs--like it is for practically every other bug--but the truth is, bed bugs aren't concerned about temperatures. These bugs eat blood, and prefer to live near their food source. Since you are their food source, they live inside the environment you create in your home.

Do bed bugs live in nature?

Yes. Bed bugs can be found in nature feeding on bears, bats, and other warm blooded animals. Whether in a cold harsh environment or a warm comfortable one, bed bugs are usually safe, because they live in caves, dens, holes and other places where their warm hosts live. If there is a blizzard outside, they don't have to worry too much if they are snuggled up with a big warm bear. So, climate doesn't generally affect these bugs.

How do bed bugs spread?

If you're out in nature, you don't have to worry too much about bed bugs. These bugs grow accustomed to a food source. If they've been eating bat blood, they will be less likely to want to eat your blood--unless you're the only meal in town.

Bed bugs that have become accustomed to eating humans do not travel through the wildness to get to their food. They will breed in beds and upholstered furniture and send their babies along with traveling humans to find a new place to inhabit. This is why it is so important to check for bed bugs when you travel.

What is the big deal about getting one bed bug in my travel bag?

A single bed bug can produce a population of over 5000 bed bugs in under 6 months. That is 5,000 bugs that need a blood meal to live and breed. Many infestations happen in spring because holiday travelers bring them home in winter.

Why don't people realize they have bed bugs until there are a ton of them?

Bed bug babies are so small they can fit through a stitch hole in a mattress or a piece of upholstered furniture. And bed bugs can feed on their hosts without waking or disturbing them. A bed bug bite is almost painless. This is why they can live and thrive in a movie theatre. While you're feasting on popcorn, they can happily feast on you.

What do I do if I have bed bugs?

If you want them completely gone, you need to call a professional. If you live in the Tampa area, give McCall Service a call. They can fully eradicate these elusive bugs and show you how to protect yourself from future infestations. Don't wait till you've spent hundreds of dollars and weeks of misery trying to remove these bugs yourself. Call McCall right now, and get protected from these bugs.

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