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When Wildlife Invade

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When living in Florida it is never a question of if, but rather when, wild animals are going to come onto your property. Florida is known for its overabundance of wildlife, and the more people moving into their territory, the more wild animals will be spotted on our “territory”. It is important to remember that no matter how fluffy, scaly, big, small, cute, or creepy the wildlife on your property is, you should not try to handle or remove it on your own; a wildlife control expert should always be called to eliminate dangerous or damaging wild animals from your property!

Food, water, and shelter are the three most common reasons for Florida wildlife to invade properties and enter homes; and really, can you blame them? Who would want to forage in the forest for nuts, berries, and twigs when you could eat a gourmet dinner out of a trash can and retire to bed behind the safe, temperature controlled walls of a Florida home!

Some of the common wild creatures that cause problems for Florida homeowners include bats, gophers, pigeons, raccoons, skunks, and squirrels. These wildlife species are capable of causing some pretty serious damage to your home. They have no problem creating their own entrances and exits through siding, spaces around windows, vents, and soffits. Inside, they will destroy insulation, drywall, flooring, wires, and personal belongings.

Wildlife species are not potty trained and will leave trails of urine and feces wherever they travel or nest. Also, they can carry and transmit some pretty serious diseases: skunks, raccoons, and bats are known carriers of rabies, and there are a whole host of other diseases that wild animals can spread. Basically, if you want your home to remain clean, sanitary, and structurally sound you don’t want a raccoon, bat, skunk or any other wild creature as a roommate!

The best answer to getting rid of any wild animal invading your home or property is to call the wildlife control experts at McCall Service. The professionals at McCall have been providing pest control services to the residents in our service areas since 1928. Through decades of experience, we have developed extremely effective, safe, and humane services to eliminate a wide variety of wildlife from Florida properties. After the invaders have been removed from your home through our customized wildlife management services, we can provide exclusion services to help keep problems with wildlife from occurring in the future!

For more information about McCall Service’s wildlife management services, get in touch with us today; we would be happy to speak with you and create a plan of action to evict wildlife from your property!

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