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bed bug crawling across bed

When Should I Get A Bed Bug Treatment?

In: Bed Bug Control

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It’s hard to believe that after all the years that bed bugs have been almost eradicated from the landscape in this country that these tiny little blood-sucking pests have bounced back so strongly. These bugs have gone from isolated pockets in the Western United States to being found in every state in the union, including a large population here in Tallahassee. How they have spread so far and so fast isn’t a huge mystery. In today’s world, traveling is faster than ever and many of us do so for school, work, and play every day. Bed bugs are the world’s best hitchhikers and can easily grab a ride in suitcases and clothes to get from point A to point B from a random passersby. They can then end up in a home, hotel, or dorm room hundreds of miles from where they started.

Bed bugs aren’t fussy housemates. They do not require your home to be dirty or even cluttered to feel at home. All they require is a soft enough place to live and a host to feed from. Often, we do not have the slightest idea that we have even introduced bed bugs to our home for weeks. It can take them at least that long to begin a viable population from the one or two that found their way in.

Then, as the host, you may wake up one morning with an unexplained itchy rash or find strange brownish colored stains on your sheets. Upon further inspection, you may find bed bug bodies or tiny black specs under the mattress or in the tiny crevices around the bed. No matter what makes you wonder if you have bed bugs, you should call a pest control professional immediately. Bed bug infestations do not go away on their own, and your home likely already has a good-sized population before you even suspect they are there. The longer you wait to make that phone call, the more risk you have of bed bugs making their way to other parts of your home. Whether bed bugs scurry into other bedrooms or they prefer your living room, bed bugs will make themselves right at home.

Home remedies found on the internet might seem like a rational solution; but they rarely, if ever, work. They may kill off some bugs; it’s true. But the eggs will likely survive; and in just a few weeks, you will have a growing horde of bed bugs all over again. It isn’t worth the risk. Give McCall Service a call the moment you suspect that you have bed bugs. McCall Service has a variety of environmentally friendly treatments, including bed bug heat treatments, which can get to bed bugs wherever they may be hiding and take care of the eggs too. Call McCall Service today and sleep without bed bugs tomorrow.

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