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chair on fire from do it yourself bed bug control

When DIY Bed Bug Treatments Go Wrong

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Bed bugs are still a widespread problem for both home and business owners all across the country and Tallahassee is no exception. Bed bugs have a very negative association with them and for good reason. Businesses that have problems with bed bugs often times experience a loss of business and, unfortunately, a good reputation. Homeowners that have a bed bug problem often lose sleep and their sanity. As a home or business owner you may be tempted into thinking you can take care of bed bugs on your own, but if there was ever a pest not to treat with DIY treatments bed bugs are it!

There is a reason that bed bugs have made a comeback and have been able to successfully invade hotels, motels, homes, movie theaters, libraries and many other public places. Bed bugs are a very resilient species that are good at hiding in small spaces and have built up a resistance to common pesticides. This resistance that bed bugs have make going to your local hardware store and purchasing pesticides to get rid of them basically pointless. These DIY pesticides are ineffective and can be very dangerous to have in your home. Pesticides that are not mixed or applied properly by Tallahassee pest control experts can lead to you, your family members, or pets becoming very ill. Mishandled or improperly mixed chemicals can also lead to extensive property damage.

One of the best ways to treat bed bugs, no matter what stage of life they are in, is with heat. Our pest control experts can very effectively control and eliminate entire bed bug populations with portable, specialized heaters. These heaters will heat your home to a specific temperature for a designated amount of time. This process will quickly and safely get rid of bed bugs in both homes and businesses. This type of bed bug treatment is very effective, but something that should never be attempted on your own. Trying to use space heaters, hair dryers or any other type of heating source on your own to kill bed bugs will again be ineffective and can lead to dangerous fires.

Since DIY treatments are not an option when it comes to bed bugs what should you do? The answer is simple! At the first sign of bed bugs in your home or business contact a professional pest control service like McCall Service and schedule a bed bug inspection immediately. An inspection will confirm the presence of bed bugs and their locations. After your initial inspection the experts at McCall can provide you with a few different bed bug treatment options, including: heat treatments , chemicals that are safe and effective or a combination of both. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that your bed bug problem with be completely eliminated. Remember completing DIY projects around your home or business can be fun and cost saving, but pest control should never be on your project list. No more wondering how to get rid of bed bugs on your own! Leave bed bug control in Tallahassee up to the experts. If you are concerned about bed bugs in your home or business, contact McCall Service today to schedule your inspection.

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