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What's The Big Deal About Carpenter Ants?

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Ants in your home are one thing. Finding them in the sugar bowl is a frustration and chasing them through the pantry can drive you nuts. But what if they are not only eating your food, but they are living inside your walls as well? Sounds like a Goldilocks and the Three Bears story gone very wrong, but unfortunately when it comes to Carpenter ants, this is a very possible scenario. Carpenter ants get their name from their ability to burrow into the wood in your home. Once inside the wood, they work hard to create galleries in the wood for their large colonies to live in. As you can imagine, this can wreak havoc on the wood in your home. With wood being destroyed from the inside out, your home can experience structural problems, which can eventually lead to expensive repairs. So what can be done if carpenter ants have found you? Here are some helpful tips to evict carpenter ants that may already be living in your home.

  • Remove sources of food so that your carpenter ants go hungry. It’s typically not nice for the host to starve the guests, but since these uninvited guests are destroying your home, take away the food immediately!

  • Clean up the kitchen, remove crumbs and spills and make sure all the food in your cupboards is well protected.

  • You also want to remove trash regularly and never leave dirty dishes in the sick.

If you are reading this and you don’t currently have a carpenter ant problem, that’s great news! The pros at McCall know that prevention is the best way to avoid having a pest problem. Appropriately, we have a few prevention tips in our arsenal to help keep these pests at bay. Following these helpful tips can help prevent a carpenter ant infestation in your home in the first place.

  • Follow the same tips from above. Keep food away from ants is most important, seeing that they are entering your home to forage in the first place.

  • Eliminate moisture. Areas of dampness can attract ants so utilizing a dehumidifier will make your home less inviting to carpenter ants and other pests.

  • Remove possible entry points. See if you can pinpoint where these pests could be getting into your home and then block this area up. If you already have an infestation, this won’t get rid of your current ant problem but it will help reduce the chance of further ant problems from occurring.

  • Make sure that any wood in your home doesn’t touch the earth. If you have a wooden deck, pour concrete footings around the beams so they don’t touch the soil.

  • Cut back tree branches and shrubs so that they can’t act as a ‘bridge’ for ants and other pests looking to get into your home.

  • Remove or replace water or weather damaged wood that is part of your home. Carpenter ants and other pests are attracted to weakened wood because it is easier to burrow into.

Although helpful, sometimes prevention tips can be ineffective. If you have done everything you can to prevent or eliminate carpenter ants and the problem persists, contact the pros at McCall Services. Our professionals are expertly trained on ways to get rid of pests like carpenter ants and we can assist you in dealing with these insects, no matter how severe your pest problem may be. Contact us today to learn more about our carpenter ant solutions and to schedule your first appointment. You should also know that sometimes continuous pest control services are the best way to keep your home pest free year round so when you give us a call, make sure to ask about our year round pest control program for the best value when it comes to pest control services!

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