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What You Don't Want To Know About Roaches In Savannah

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There are some things we just don't want to hear. It could be something creepy. It could be something gross. When it comes to cockroaches in your Savannah home, it is both. But be strong. Even though you may not want to know these roach facts, you'll be glad you read through them. These little tidbits will change the way you think about cockroaches. Forever.

  • How many roaches do you think you have in your home? The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) reports that 78 to 98 percent of urban homes have cockroaches, and each home contains 900 to 330,000 infesting roaches. If you see one roach a week, you are almost sure to have hundreds living in your walls.

  • The AAFA also reports that cockroaches are a significant contributing factor in childhood asthma. If you have a child suffering from asthma, your first step should be to get your home inspected for roaches and have them sealed out.

  • What do those roaches eat? Have you thought about hiding the food sources in your home so those roaches will choose another home to infest? It is possible to do this, but you have to be aware of ALL these insects eat. While you're working to get rid of the obvious, consider removing these food sources: soap, paper, glue, cigarettes, hair and feces. Yup. roaches eat these things.

  • Where do those roaches hide? If you think those roaches are hiding in your dusty walls, you're probably wrong. Roaches are thigmotropic. That means they like to be in tight spaces where their belly and their back are touching something hard. This is why you'll find a bed of roaches between your oven and the wall. They also love slime, sludge, grime and bacteria. If they can find a tight spot that is also moist, they'll be as happy as pigs in slop.

  • What are those roaches doing at night? This is perhaps one of the most disturbing roach facts ever discovered. If you sleep with your mouth open and have a tendency to drool a little, you may have cockroaches coming in near your mouth to get a drink. They are also drawn to sleeping babies that have a little formula on their lips.

Roaches are known carriers of disease and spreaders of harmful bacteria and allergens. Trying to keep them out of a home is usually a frustrating and impossible task. Call the pest control experts at McCall Service and have your Savannah, Georgia home checked for cockroaches. This is one bug you can live without.


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