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Roach In Tallahassee

What Would You Spend To Get Away From Roaches In Tallahassee?

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Cockroaches. The word alone makes your skin cringe, doesn't it? And for good reason. Cockroaches are disgusting. They crawl around in your trash, then climb all over your counters. They spread harmful bacteria, human-spread pathogens and allergens that worsen asthmatic symptoms. If they were just ugly, we might be able to deal with them. But they are genuinely nasty. So, what would you spend to get away from roaches? $50? $200? How about $615 million?

Amidst public outrage regarding an opulent new presidential palace, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey defended the expenditure by explaining that the old palace had cockroaches. Seems like a good reason as any to spend $615 million.

"A guest would come to the old prime ministry office and find cockroaches in the bathroom," said the Turkish President. "That's why we built this palace." It's a good point. When you're entertaining important dignitaries from other countries, the last thing you want is cockroaches crawling around. It gives the wrong impression. But there was probably a less expensive solution to the problem.

If you have cockroaches running around your house, don't go out and buy a new house. Call a pest control company to help you eradicate those roaches and put a barrier in place to keep new roaches from infesting. It is possible to exclude roaches from your home. You don't have to move.

President Erdogan also stated, "Does such a palace befit the prime ministry of Turkey?" It is true. Where you live and entertain guests is a reflection of your status. Your home is your palace. Does it reflect your status? Do you have cockroaches scurrying through your kitchen? Do you catch them in the bathroom? Are your guests greeted by them when they visit your bathroom? This is unacceptable. It gives the wrong impression.

Don't let cockroaches soil your reputation, or allow guests to have the impression that your palace is rundown. You may not be the president of an entire country, but your reputation is still important. Call McCall Service and have those dirty and unsightly bugs eradicated. You can do it for a whole lot less than $615 million. You may even save enough to put some money toward some golden toilets, just like the ones in the Turkish Presidential Palace. But that's another story.

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