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What To Do When Wasps Attack

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Wasps are a brownish stinging insect with yellow markings. They are 16 to 20 mm long. These stinging insects are found throughout the United States. Wasps use paper like materials to build their nests. If you see one of these nests it is best to leave it alone and seek professional help to have it removed. They live in small colonies and eat nectar and other insects like flies. Wasps build their nests to hang from tree branches. These nests can also hang from door frames, eaves, attics, decks, rafters and railings. If you find a nest hanging in or near your home, seek a professional exterminator to have it removed.

If you come in contact with a wasp there are different ways to react depending on how severe the contact. If you are outdoors and find one or two wasps flying around you, try to ignore them and do not make any sudden movements towards them. If a wasp feels threatened they will turn to anger. If one lands on you, move slowly and brush it off of you. If you have come in contact with a nest and they are swarming try to walk away slowly covering your face. If you have hit the nest or agitated it in some way and wasps are coming out quickly to defend their nest, run! Try to run into a building or dense forest. Once you are safely away from the large amount of wasps check your clothing to see if any are still attached.

If you have been stung by a wasp it will leave a painful red mark that will swell. In average sting cases this mark will swell, hurt and itch, then be gone after a few days. For pain relief in a normal sting remove the stinger and apply ice. In some more serious cases when a person is allergic to wasp stings it could be a life threatening incident and you should seek medical attention immediately. Some symptoms are nausea, facial swelling, difficulty breathing, dizziness, rapid heartbeat or anxiety and shock.

The best sting prevention is to stay away from wasps and their nests. Move slowly and cautiously if you accidentally come upon a nest. The goal is to not agitate the wasps and to not make them feel defensive. If you find a nest in or near your home have it removed for you and your family’s safety.

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