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What To Do When Earwigs Take Over

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Most people have heard of earwigs because of the myth that they are commonly associated with. The myth states that these insects will crawl into people ears and burrow into them in order to lay eggs inside of their brain.

Luckily, everyone can sleep soundly tonight knowing that this myth is nothing more than a myth and is completely without scientific basis. This myth probably started because of the pincher-like appendage that is found on the abdomen of this reddish-brown insect. The professionals at McCall want to provide you with some information about this misunderstood insect and what to do if they do happen to invade your home.

Earwigs are nocturnal insects and therefore are only active at night, generally during the day earwigs are found outside, hiding in dark damp places. Rocks, logs, and mulch make the perfect hiding places for these pests. In the evening they can be found munching on decaying vegetation, like fallen leaves. Some species of this pest feed on other smaller insects, and some feed on small plant seedlings.

Earwigs are attracted to lights and in the evening it can be common to see them flock to porches and decks where outdoor lights are generally located. They can then accidentally make their way into your home underneath doors or gaps found around windows. Earwigs can also be brought into homes inside of boxes. This happens most often when boxes are brought into homes that were previously stored in moist locations like sheds or garages. The earwigs may be living underneath the boxes or inside of them.

Earwigs will also move into homes to escape unfavorable weather conditions. If the weather becomes too cool or too dry they will try to seek better living conditions inside of homes. They are drawn to moist areas in homes like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Even though earwigs have threatening looking pinchers they really aren’t dangerous to people, and only use their “pinchers” to defend themselves against other earwigs and insects. With that being said you still don’t want earwigs living in your home. They can quickly overtake it and be very difficult to find and completely eliminate them without professional help.

A professional home pest control service like that offered by McCall Service will be able to provide you with services to eliminate your earwig infestation. McCall will inspect your home and property and then if necessary use EPA registered materials to eliminate your earwig infestation. We will then provide routine inspections and services that will help to prevent a future infestation from earwigs and other common household pests from happening!

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