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What's Not To Love About Pests?

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Valentine's Day is finally here and love is in the air. In the spirit of this wonderful day I'd like to stop and show a little love for all those bugs that drive us crazy, eat our homes, and poison our food with bacteria and disease. Household pests, will you be my Valentine?

Spiders. When spiders bite, they can be a pain, quite literally. But do you know that these little buggers can be beneficial? That's right. Spiders don't really have any interest in biting you. Instead, they eat insects that DO want to bite you, like mosquitoes. If you were to have a hundred spiders living around your home, you would definitely have less mosquito bites. And, all those nasty flies that like to land on your hamburgers would be gone too.

Termites. This little insect can mean thousands of dollar in hard to fix wood damage, but do you know that in nature they are actually beneficial? These wonderful little wood eaters help to turn rotting wood into fertile soil. Subterranean termites also aerate soil when they dig their tunnels. This helps to make vegetation lush and healthy.

Lady bugs. These pretty little bugs can make you want you rip out all your hair, especially when they come in mass quantities and pile on your window sills. But in a garden, they can be a big help. This insect loves to munch on aphids, and that means less holes in all your green leafy vegetation.

Wasps. It is never fun to be stung by wasps, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day let's remember that we wouldn't have all those beautiful flowers we like to give to the ones we love if it wasn't for all of those wasps, hornets and bees that fly around pollinating them.

Love bugs. What Valentine's Day bug article would be complete without love bugs. Though it is true that these bugs can completely shellac your vehicle while you're driving down the interstate, and cover an entire side of your home with dead corpses, let's remember that these little bugs are great decomposers. They recycle organic material and also help to pollinate those pretty flowers.

Does this mean you want any of these bugs in your home? No. But in nature, they have a role to play, and our lives would be diminished without them. Thank you, bugs. Happy Valentine's Day.

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