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spider found in a florida basement

What Is Scarier Than A Haunted House?

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Haunted houses are scary. But what makes them scary? Well, first of all, they are usually dark. Everything seems scarier in the dark. Even a poodle (if all you see is a large shadow on a dark wall and the sound of uncut toenails scratching on the wood floor) can be a scary thing. Truth be told, there are some poodles that are scary in broad daylight. But we digress. Darkness feeds imagination. And let's face it, for some of us, there is nothing in the world as creepy as what we can think up inside our heads.

What else makes a haunted house scary? A slanted staircase? A creaky floor? The sound of a shutter banging in the distance? These are probably why old houses make the best haunted houses. There is just something extra creepy about being in an old house, especially an old house with a chainsaw wielding clown. But, again, we digress.

Haunted houses are scary. But there is something even scarier than a haunted house. If you're into Halloween chills and thrills, we have to apologize in advance. This scary thing can't replace haunted houses because it isn't the same kind of scary. It isn't "Leap out of a closet with a mask on," scary. It is more of a, "I'm not living in there," kind of scary.

What is scarier than a haunted house? A house full of bugs!

We don't know about you, but we would rather go through a house filled with fake zombies and axe murderers than a house full of real spiders. We would rather sleep on the floor in a haunted house then spend one night in a normal house filled with bed bugs. There is nothing scarier than a swarm of yellow jackets filing out of a hole in your wall, or moving a fridge that has a hundred cockroaches living under it. As far as horror goes, a haunted house doesn't hold a candle to opening something from your pantry and finding bugs crawling around in it, or ripping out a wall and finding thousands of termites. A house full of bugs is scary.

If you want to be sure that your Florida home is free of scary household pests this Halloween season, give your friends at McCall Service a call. We may not be as cool looking as those guys from Ghostbusters with their specialized ghost sucking machines, but we know how to rid homes and businesses of scary things, like bugs and wildlife.

On Halloween, being scared can be fun, as long as it is the right kind of scary.

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