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mole cricket up close

What Is Really Scary About Mole Crickets

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If you have ever seen a mole cricket, you know that this is one scary looking bug. But you know what is even scarier than their alien-like appearance? The damage these insects can do to your lawn. These pests are a real nightmare when they tunnel under your turf. And, here in Gainesville, they've become quite a problem for property owners.

We agree; it is certainly scary to be walking through your lawn after a torrential downpour and step on a mole cricket. There are few things in this world that can jump you out of your skin more than this kind of chance encounter. But, the real nightmare is dealing with brown patches that start to appear and spread across your lawn, especially if you have an important gathering or event coming up.

These brown patches appear because of the damage mole crickets do to the root system in your yard. This is a pest that will do significant tunneling under your turf grass. And, as it tunnels, it will sever your grass from its roots, leaving aboveground shoots unable to get vital nutrients.

Have you heard of the grammar book, Eats Shoots & Leaves? The mole cricket doesn't actually prefer to do any of these. While it will sometimes eat shoots, it would rather live on an extensive diet of bugs, worms, and the roots of plants. All that damage being done to your grass is most likely due to damage that was done to root systems, and by the tunneling, those mole crickets are doing. And, as mentioned above, they do quite a bit of tunneling. Mole crickets also don't prefer to leave. If they've found what they need in your yard, they are more than happy to stay.

Mole crickets can be a nightmare for people with gardens. These scary little pests love to tunnel their way through crops and eat the roots as they go. If you have vegetable roots all in one place, mole crickets will be in paradise.

When mole crickets attack your lawn, you don't have to fight those scary critters alone. McCall Service can get rid of those pests and restore your lawn. We aren't just a lawn care company. We are also one of the leading pest control companies in the country, with experts on staff who have the education and experience to appropriately deal with mole cricket infestations--as well as a whole host of other invasive pests that can get into your yard and attack your grass and vegetables.

You don't have to live with mole crickets tunneling around under your turf grass or garden. Call McCall and let our team get your lawn back to looking lush and beautiful.

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