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Cockroach In Jacksonville Home

What Homeowners Are Asking About Roach Control In Jacksonville

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The sight of a brown insect dashing across the kitchen counter our scurrying under the washer machine is not pretty but unfortunately for those living in Florida, roaches are constant pest pressure. While there are thousands of species of cockroaches world wide, there is one that seems especially prone to frequent homes here in the sunshine state. The german cockroach is the most common species found lurking in kitchens, bathrooms and basements of homes in Northern Florida.

To help those in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, Tallahassee and Ocala as well as surrounding areas have a better understanding of roaches, we wanted to answer the two most frequently asked questions when it comes to a roach infestation.

Why do I have cockroaches?

Many people worry that if they have cockroaches then it means their home is dirty. This is not always the case however. Of course things like lingering trash, food debris and piles of clutter will increase the chance of a roach problem but even a spotless home could experience troubles with roaches. You see, moisture and water also attract these creatures so a basement that is damp, or a bathroom that is not properly ventilated are easy ways to attract a roach infestation in Jacksonville. Food, water and access to the inside are all reasons that homes could have cockroaches.

How can I prevent roach infestations in my home?

The best way to prevent roaches is to eliminate their favored conditions. If it is food, water and access to the inside that they are after then eliminate all three. This can be done by wiping up crumbs and spills in the kitchen, storing food in airtight containers, keeping a de-humidifier in damp rooms, and making sure the bathroom is properly ventilated. You must also seal any openings on the exterior of your home and inspect items that you introduce to the dwelling for cockroaches or signs of them. Of course, it is always recommended to sign up for year round pest control services as well.

The best way to ensure your home remains pest free is to have the FL pest control pros doing routine inspections, continuous monitoring and perhaps preventative treatments. To learn more about roach control in Jacksonville as well as pest control in Ocala, Tampa, Gainesville and Tallahassee as well as throughout the Northern part of Florida, simply give us a call at McCall Service!

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