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image of a chinch bug found in florida

What Are Chinch Bugs And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

In: Lawn Care

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Chinch bugs are basically bad news for your lawn. They reproduce in multitudes and feed on five different types of grass and can be a serious threat to your Florida lawn. These tiny bugs create large patches of dead grass which is often mistaken for a watering problem. Read on to discover more about chinch bugs and how to tell if your lawn has become infested with the.

Removing water from the grass, chinch bugs then inject a toxin that turns grass yellow and unfortunately kills it. You may not notice a problem until July and August when these bugs are enjoying the sun and wreaking havoc on your lawn with as many as 150 bugs per square inch in some cases.

If you've noticed your lawn starting to look a bit suspect, you might be dealing with chinch bugs. To confirm an infestation, here are three ways you can tell if they are present:

  1. Get down on your hands and knees and inspect the border between dead and living grass. If your lawn is under attack, you may see chinch bugs scurrying around the base of the living grass.

  2. Grab an old coffee can, cut the top and bottom of and push it down several inches into the ground. Fill with water and watch for chinch bugs to come floating to the surface.

  3. Inspect pavement and walkways too. Chinch bugs are often seen running across to find new grass.

Here's a bonus tip, skip 1 -3 and just contact McCall Service for help identifying and treating your lawn. We are a pest control and lawn care company servicing Northern Florida including Tampa, Tallahassee, Ocala, Jacksonville and Gainesville. Our knowledge of chinch bugs and lawns makes us the ideal choice to help you protect your lawn. Contact us today to learn more!




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