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a group of fire ants on a metallic, gray background

Tricks Of The Trade: Spotting And Treating Fire Ants

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Fire ants are aptly named. Nothing else bites like Florida fire ants, and nothing swarms faster than a colony in your yard. How can something so little be so much trouble? You shouldn’t have to worry about the kids playing in the yard. With McCall Pest Control, you can reclaim your landscape from fire ants.

Be on the Lookout

It's easy to miss a trail of fire ant soldiers foraging through the grass. The insects only measure between an eighth and a quarter inch in length. You'd think dealing with such a small pest would make ant control easy. But if you could see underground, you'd understand why it's such a challenge.

The reddish-brown or black ants establish huge subterranean colonies, and they favor moist environments. Your well-watered lawn sends an open invitation to the aggressive bugs with soil that can support ant populations numbering in the tens of thousands. By the time you see their large mounds, they've already made themselves at home.

Understand the Danger

Fire ants have become such a problem that Florida entomologists consider them a superorganism. The pests are imports from Brazil and probably hit our shores in the 1930s. Since then, we've learned just how dangerous they can be.

  • Ant bites can cause painful blisters and even severe allergic reactions.

  • Children and pets playing in the yard are especially susceptible to swarming ants.

  • Ants nesting inside utility housings can cause short circuits and start fires.

These invaders forage day and night, so a late evening's stroll across your lawn can turn into a painful retreat from aggressive ants that attack by the thousands.

You Can't Beat Them

DIY remedies for ant infestations don't work with this species. When you think you've destroyed a nest, the colony quickly moves through its underground network and sets up another home base. It takes advanced equipment, industry-approved products, and professional techniques to control a fire ant problem. You can't beat them, but our experienced technicians at McCall Pest Control can with proven methods that eliminate fire ants from your yard and stop them from coming back by treating the entire area rather than just what you can see on the surface.

Leave the Ants to Us

We know property owners try all kinds of DIY methods to get rid of pests. We also know you're better off leaving the bad bugs to our teams here at McCall Pest Control. Our experience with ant control in Florida stretches over more than 80 years. Give us a call, and let us help you reclaim your landscape.

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