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florida family avoiding bed bugs while traveling

Traveling For Memorial Day? Watch Out For Bed Bugs!

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No matter where you are planning to travel to this Memorial Day, we would like to advise you to keep an eye out for bed bugs. These pests can be found anywhere that people are, but are typically known to be picked up in commercial lodgings. It also doesn’t matter that you may be staying in the nicest hotel in the area- bed bugs are not picky. They will just as easily infest the worst rated hotels as they will the 5 star resorts. What can you do to protect yourself? Here are some helpful tips on preventing picking up bed bugs when you head out for your Memorial Day travels from the professionals of bed bug control in Tampa at McCall Service.

  1. Instead of using that nice cloth-sided suitcase on your trip, opt for hard shell luggage. Bed bugs have a more difficult time infiltrating hard shell luggage.

  2. Know what bed bugs look like so that you can identify them easily. Check out our bed bed identification page to learn how to identify bed bugs.

  3. Bring a flashlight and magnifying glass with you to your hotel room. Seems silly but this can make all the difference! Inspect the room carefully before you bring in your luggage. You’ll want to pay close attention to the area around the bed, under carpets, near electrical outlets, these are all places where bed bugs hide.

  4. Always hold your purse or briefcase in your lap when using public transportation. Bed bugs can hide in these places too, so keeping your belongings on your lap can help avoid picking up these bloodsuckers.

  5. Always inspect your belongings before you bring them into your home. Check for signs of bed bugs, including shed bed bug skins and brownish fecal spots on clothing or the suitcase. If you find bed bugs after you arrive home, contact McCall Service for Tampa bed bug treatments immediately.

Bed bugs are not a problem that will resolve on their own. Additionally, they are not a problem you can get rid of on your own. If bed bugs are in your home, they aren’t going anywhere unless you take action. Calling your local bed bug exterminators is the best way to eliminate your bed bug problems. At McCall, our professionals know how to get rid of bed bugs; we can offer effective bed bug treatments to eliminate your problem with bed bug control materials or heat treatments.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you eliminate bed bugs that may enter your home. And don’t forget to be extra vigilant during your next trip! You never know when bed bugs may find you!



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