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Tips For Watering Your Tampa Lawn This Summer

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Summer in Florida is HOT. We probably don’t have to tell you that! What can you do to make sure that your lawn stays lush and green this summer, despite the soaring temps? Here are some helpful lawn watering tips from the Tampa lawn care professionals at McCall Service.

  • Make sure that you water at the right time. We recommend watering your lawn in the early morning or the late evening when wind speeds and temperatures are at their lowest. This will help reduce water loss through evaporation. You should check with your local water management district to find out how often to water and see if there are any restrictions on water usage.

  • Don’t over-water. You can avoid over-watering by setting a timer with a watering schedule that suits your region. The run time for your watering will vary by month, but should be around an hour in the summer months. Our Tampa lawn care professionals know exactly how long to water your lawn; give us a call for questions on watering.

  • The amount that you water should vary depending on the types of plants you have in your yard. Planting native plants can help conserve water in your landscape. It is also important to group plants with similar water needs in similar places in your yard to help save water.

  • If you have an irrigation system, make sure that it is calibrated to deliver the right amount of water to every zone on your property. This will depend on the time of year and the type of plants that are present in each zone.

  • Make the most out of rainwater. You can do this by turning downspouts from rain gutters towards areas that need watering. You can also collect rainwater in barrels to store for dry spells. Keep in mind that standing water makes for a good place for mosquitoes to breed, so you shouldn’t leave standing water on your property for long.

  • Make sure that your grass is mowed to the right height. You will want grass that has a deep and extensive root system, because this grass is stronger and can more easily withstand drought conditions. Don’t mow your grass too short. Grass that is very short may easily die without regular watering. You don't want to leave your grass too long either because it makes a good place for insects, snakes and other animals to hide in.

Managing your lawn watering can take a lot of work! But all this work is worth it when you see how gorgeously lush and green your lawn can be when treated right! If you don’t have the time or energy to take care of your lawn on your own, please give the pros at McCall Service a call. Our professionals know how to treat your lawn right! We can offer lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy and green all year round. Contact us today in Tampa for more information on lawn care services from McCall Service!

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